What is Network Latency?

It is the time taken for a data packet to reach an internet node and return to its point of origin. This is commonly known as the term “Lag” and this is the reason why browsing the internet can be very slow.

What affects Network Latency and how to improve it?

There are many reasons for affecting network latency, but the common causes are:

  • Distance
    • It could be that the distance between the 2 points are very far from each other that it would take more time for the data to travel.
  • Bandwidth
    • There is a lot of traffic going in and out the connection that the data can’t be sent/received.
  • Connection
    • The internet provider might have connection problems making the network latency to be very high.
    • Weather can also be the cause, but it is very rarely that it can affect the connection.

How do you improve network latency?

There are several ways on how to improve network latency.

  • Relocating a server to a closer region would be helpful to reduce the travel time. If the area of coverage needed is too large, consider getting an additional server in another region.
  • Close any unnecessary programs. Most of the case on how network latency can be very high would be that an external program is running in the background/network. A common case of this would be that someone that is downloading in the background. This will eat up a lot of bandwidth.
  • Upgrading the internet packages. If the bandwidth and connection is unable to support with your needs, consider upgrading the internet package into a better one.